Best of 2009 :)

Hi everyone!

Since the holiday time is here and we all are busy celebrating and spending time with our families, we decided to skip the last challenge round for this year and instead put up this big vote for the BEST ICONS OF 2009 here at bsgstillness.

There have been 41 challenge rounds this year and an astounding number of icons submitted to all of them collectively. With this vote we'd like to celebrate all of your hard work and the fantastic icons we've seen in each round. You guys rock!

This first part of the vote is to find the BEST OF 2009 from all the icons that have won either 1st Place, Best Colouring, Best Cropping or Best Text this year. Go vote your favorites and make all your friends vote for their favorites too :)

There are many icons, so the voting polls are quite image heavy.

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officer dualla

voting & winner of the header challenge :)

Hi everyone :)

First of all congratulations to amaliak, the winner of our header challenge! Thank you for all who submitted header banners for the challenge and thank you for the rest of you for voting on them :) I'll be updating the layout soon with the lovely new header. If the community looks a bit weird momentarily, it means that I messed something up and will be frantically trying to fix it. Please be patient with me if that happens.

We have 8 icons to vote from this week, which is fantastic considering all the holiday stuff every one of us is trying to get done. Thank you all who submitted icons! We appreciate it a great deal.

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bsg love

Reminder :)

Hi everyone!

After a looong pause due to medical and computer issues, I'm back to let our other mod karate0kat take some time off. Below is the schedule for our current round 101 and I'm really hoping you could find a moment away from all the Christmas preparations to submit an icon or three. We already have 5 beautiful icons but as always there is room for plenty more. Check out the details for the round here.

Last day to post icons: December 11 @ 6 PM (EEST)
Voting will start:< December 11 @ 6 PM (EEST)
Winners will be announced: December 13

I'll be announcing the winner of our Header Challenge within the next couple of days, so if you haven't voted for the tie-breaker, you can do so here.

Keep submitting those lovely icons and have a lovely time with all the baking, cooking and last-minute Christmas shopping :)
Nikita badass

Round 101

OK, time for a new round (finally). Remember, we're on a two week schedule for now.

» You may only enter up to 3 icons
» Use only the provided pictures

Last day to post icons: December @ 6 PM (EEST)
Voting will start: December 11 @ 6 PM (EEST)
Winners will be announced: December 13

You can find rest of the rules HERE

Submit your entries by commenting with both images and urls. All comments will be screened.

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Nikita badass

Round 100 Winners and Tie Breaker

OK, so that was a little unexpected hiatus we had last week. Sorry about that, life came at me fast. Good news is my co-mod, aquarelle_dream , has a new computer, has her morning sickness under control, and is over H1N1, so she'll be back to keep things rolling soon!

I have winners for the round 100 icon challenge, but I'm posting a tie breaker for the new community header. We've narrowed it down to two but then got stuck in a tie.

I'll be putting up the next challenge shortly.

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Nikita badass


Yay! Thanks everyone who pitched in at the last minute to get us up to a good number of entries. It's really appreciated!

The icons and banners are in separate polls. The banners are thumbnails, click to see full size.

Thanks for everyone who participated in the poll I posted yesterday. Feedback helps.

* Type your top three choices in the text box, separated by commas. Remember to put them in the order you like them.
* Please don't vote in a comment and don't vote for your own icons!
* Your first choice will receive 3 points, your second choice will get 2 points and your third choice will get 1 point.

Example: 15, 07, 31
15 = 3 points, 07 = 2 points, 31 = 1 point

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katee small crop


I'm sorry to do this but we're going to have to extend challenge 100. We did get another banner, but we're still only at 8 icons. Because this was already a two week challenge I don't want to extend it for a whole week. I'm going to try just extending it until tomorrow (same time as it would have ended today).

Go HERE if you want to enter.

I'm getting a little concerned about this comm. I know life is really hectic for a lot of people, myself included, and with BSG over and done with interest just might be waning. Submissions have been very low recently. If you could take a second to fill out the poll below to help me get an idea of what's going on it would be greatly appreciated.

What's up with the low entries?

I never enter, I just vote
I usually enter but life's just too busy now
I'm having a busy week but I'll be back for the next one
I've lost interest since BSG ended
Other (comment)
I'm screening comments.
Nikita badass

Fourth Reminder

OK guys. As of right now we still only have 6 icons and 2 banners. This isn't enough for voting and I'm a little nervous. Just in case this wasn't clear, you don't have to make a banner to participate! I'm OK with voting on a very small number of banners, especially since the ones we have are very good, but we really need to have more icons. There's another 16 hours left in this challenge. If you have time before tomorrow to make us some icons PPPLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSEEE do so. We'll love you forever!

Rules and submissions are HERE!
Galactica Gun show

Third reminder

I knew I was forgetting something yesterday. Oh well, I'm only...7 hours late.

This is the third reminder for challenge 100, which will end this Friday. We still only have 6 icons and 2 banners so we'd love it if you have time to open up those graphics programs in the next couple of days.

Go HERE to get the rules and enter.